‘The last days of the Republic’ shot for the July 25th cover story for Bloomberg BusinessWeek Magazine. A timely and exclusive look into the newspaper industry of Turkey, before the July 15th attempted coup. Spending time with infamous Cumhuryiet editor Can Dundar at home and at work, the now closed Kurdish issue focused newspaper Ozgur Gunden and the Gulen backed newspaper Yenni Hyatt, also now closed and its journalists arrested during the post coup purge.

On the afternoon of May 6 the Turkish journalist Can Dundar was speaking to a television reporter outside Istanbul’s Caglayan courthouse when he noticed a man with a mustache and a navy-blue windbreaker walking toward him, holding a handgun. Dundar (pronounced DOON-dar) is editor-in-chief of the newspaper Cumhuriyet, one of the few Turkish media outlets still openly critical of the government. He and Cumhuriyet colleague Erdem Gul were awaiting their sentences after a monthslong criminal trial. Dundar’s bodyguard had remained inside during the court’s recess. Seeing the gun, the TV reporter said, “Run.”

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